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John Muir Elementary School

List of Staff – 2023/2024


Mr. C. Meausette                       Principal

Ms. Mandi Becking                   Vice-Principal

Mrs. Rasheeda Haverty            Secretary


Grade K            Div. 1     Ms. Jessica Hepting/Chloe Schmidt

Grade K/1        Div. 2     Mrs. Tonya Purnell

Grade 1             Div. 3     Ms. Kelly Love/Richard Guitard

Grade 1             Div. 4      Ms. Mandi Becking/Jennifer King

Grade 2            Div. 5     Mrs. Alysha Chumber

Grade 2             Div. 6     Ms. Ella Leblanc

Grade 3            Div. 7     Mrs. Corrine Merx/Ms. Erin Gibb

Grade 3/4        Div. 8     Ms. Stephanie Brown

Grade 3/4        Div. 9     Ms. Noreen Lovbakke/Ms. Breann MacDougall

Grade 4/5        Div. 10   Ms. Shivonne Kerr/Katie Sprieszl

Grade 5             Div. 11   Mrs. Emily Belchos


Andrea Godlien                    Educational Assistant/Supervision Assistant

Ashley Waldron                    Educational Assistant/Food Coordinator

Blake Roney                          LS/IS (Tue. all day, Wed. am)

Carolina Padgett                  Educational Assistant

Chantal Sutherland             Educational Assistant

Corrine Merx                        Teacher/Librarian

Danica Fruttarol                  Library Assistant (Thur. 8:30 – 11:30)

Erin Gibb                               SPED-LA

Gail Guptill                           Speech and Language (Mon.)

Hailey Ridley                        AB. Education Support (Tue. Fri.)

Ian Chatwin                          Student Engagement Facilitator

Janice Crow                          SPED-LA

Johanna Van Oosten           Music

Justine Hope                        Educational Assistant

Karalee Reade                      Early Childhood Educator/Supervision Assistant

Laura Drinkwater                Counsellor (Tue. Wed. Fri. full days)

Lyndsay Wilkie                    Educational Assistant/Supervision Assistant

Lynn Spence                         Supervision Assistant/Crossing Guard

Nam Nguyen                        SPED-LA/PE

Rachel Harle                         AB ED Support (Tue. all day)

Shannon Mcivor                  Educational Assistant

Sharon Collier                      Strong Start Coordinator

Stefanie Adrian                    Educational Assistant

Sunita Ram                           Educational Assistant

Susan Trathen                      LS (Monday thru Friday am)

Tena Ousey                           Head Custodian (Temporary)

Tonia McKeown                   Educational Assistant